BIG DATA 2014:
Treat Your Data as Big

Москва, 20 марта 2014 г. Moscow, March 20, 2014

InfoSpace International Exhibition Center

4, Perviy Zachatyevskiy Pereulok, Moscow 119034, Russia


Dear Colleagues:

Open Systems Publications welcomes you to The 3rd BIG DATA Forum, Russia’s largest industry event focused on multifaceted issues of storing, processing and securing Big Data. The interest shown by vendors and delegates in BIG DATA 2012 and BIG DATA 2013 events unambiguously points out to the high importance of the Forum topics for many Russian businesses from various industries.

In the period since BIG DATA 2012, a number of big changes happened on the market, including the transfer of unstructured data processing into cloud, emergence of cheaper and more capacious storage systems, as well as the increased adoption of Hadoop/MapReduce technology stack. In addition, business intelligence systems have gone through a radical change: customers now have access to affordable BI tools; there is a new class of analytical data stores on the market; predictive analysis systems have begun to develop as separate tools category.

As a result, Big Data tools and technologies are now accessible virtually to any organization looking at the opportunity to get insights from unstructured and semi-structured data coming from multitude of heterogeneous sources. Consequently, data management and analytical processing gradually turn into an integral part of business processes.

While keeping in line with the 2012 and 2013 forums, BIG DATA 2014 program will have a number of differences from the previous events:

  • First actual Big Data projects implemented by Russian companies will be presented at the Forum
  • The program will specifically highlight the Big Data needs of small and medium businesses
  • The state of the art in business tools for unstructured and semi-structured data analysis will be presented at the Forum

BIG DATA 2014 is the Russia’s leading ground for sharing experience, openly discussing current issues, and getting to know the latest in Big Data technology and solutions. Forum’s speakers will include representatives from organizations already working with external unstructured data and exponentially growing internal corporate information, as well as from leading technology vendors in this market segment. The Forum’s participants will have unique opportunities to

  • Evaluate Big Data solutions from both world leading and niche vendors
  • Learn first-hand about real experience in using Big Data to address business needs
  • Attend workshops and master classes on leading Big Data processing approaches and technology
  • Directly communicate with colleagues from other organizations as well as ask questions to highly respected Big Data experts

The Forum will include a Plenary and breakout sessions, workshops and master classes, panel and open discussions, a trade show and press events.
Main topics of BIG DATA 2014 Forum

  • The business value of Big Data
  • Big Analytics
  • Big Data open technologies
  • Modern alternatives to traditional database technology
  • Big Data and cloud computing
  • Big Data and information security
  • Case studies: Big Data-based analytical CRM (financial services, retail chains, telecoms); Big Data in healthcare and scientific research
  • Big Data in operation of business

The Forum is addressed to Russian businesses that already face the need to store and process Big Data in their day-to-day work or envision the emergence of such a need in the near future. The Forum welcomes CIOs, IT directors, and IT managers responsible for storing, processing, managing and securing corporate data, as well as business analysts, database administrators, cloud service providers and their customers from organizations of various sizes and industry sectors.
The anticipated number of Forum delegates is about 350 persons.