DC World 2012 Forum

Dear Colleagues!

    We would like to propose your company a partnership in the two days International DC World 2012 Forum, organized by the Open Systems Publications, 2012, May 30-31. In the Russian  Data Center industry, DC World Forum is justifiably considered the main event of the year. In the opinion of the experts DC World Forum is the main venue for discussion of the whole range of technical, operational and economical aspects of data centers.

    DC World Forum is meant to demonstrate the latest developments and achievements in Data Centers technologies and to become a professional club where attendees can share their experience and best practices of designing, building and operating the data centers. Delegates will discuss the most innovative approaches to development, deployment and management of engineering, network and IT infrastructure. The DC World 2012 Forum focuses on building efficient and robust IT-system in data center environment so that companies can successfully expand their business on modern high competitive markets.
The main topics include:

  • Modular Data Centers - best implemenation practices, what modules to choose;
  • Micro- and Mini- Data centers;
  • Distributed data centers. Disaster Recovery;
  • Choosing a place for Data Center. Criteria analysis and risk evaluation;
  • DC Management. Data Center Infrastructure Management System;
  • Energy Efficient Solutions. Changes in ASHRAE requiterements. 'High-temperature-steady' IT equipment;
  • Free Cooling Best Practices;
  • Alternative Power Systems (diesel dynamic UPS, flying wheels, etc);
  • Security in virtualized environments and clouds;
  • Traffic switching and networking in virtualized environments;
  • Integrated IT solutions and platforms;
  • Case studies for 40/100G

    The DC World 2012 Forum will include panel discussions, special interest sessions, technical workshops and media events, as well as hold a thorough trade show of leading Russian and international companies. The Forum is planned to accommodate at least 1,000 attendees a day. Moreover, a live webcast from the main conference room will widen the total audience of the event to more than 3,000 people as expected. The organizers guarantee a comfortable atmosphere for business meetings and informal discussions for all attendees. Participants of workshops and training sessions will be able to apply for a Qualification Certificate.
    The Forum is aimed for technical directors, managers and leading specialists who are responsible for operation and maintenance of modern data centers in their companies, as well as for those who works for distribution and installation companies, system integrators and suppliers of engineering and IT infrastructure components, storage systems, and solutions for remote management and monitoring.