XII Russian IT Management Forum (ITMF-2015)


XII Russian IT Management Forum

Moscow, June 4, 2015

Dear Colleagues:

Open Systems Publications and Corporate Communications Agency OSP-Con welcome you to take part in the 12th Russian IT Management Forum (ITMF-2015), the oldest and the most respected event in Russia focused on IT Service Management and IT Strategic Management.
Held when Russia comes through hard economic times, the Forum naturally will cover IT management issues related to the crisis. As previous years have shown, aligned processes and mature management approaches based on international standards and best practices are seen by businesses as an efficient way to increase IT performance despite hard conditions. With this in mind, it can be expected that the interest in ITSM theory and practice would only grow, so there is a confidence that the ongoing projects in this area will continue.
Many organizations already have some experience level of implementing IT service management processes. Now, these organizations have new priorities of analyzing the efficiency of those processes, increasing IT operations transparency and raising management quality as IT spending falls, access to certain IT automation tools becomes limited due to economic sanctions, not to mention other problems that currently plague Russian IT market. A pressing need in this situation is a flexible and maximum quick reaction of an IT service system to business requirements constantly changing against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.
Yet all difficulties are transient, and global IT development trends inevitably impact Russia, too. Addressing tactical problems at hand, IT departments of Russian companies should not leave out the hot issues of building IT strategy in the context of strategic business objectives to get ready to new development breakthroughs. The issues of integration, cloud services management, building of efficient mobile infrastructure management mechanisms, and using advanced big data analysis tools are certainly on the agenda of IT managers today.

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Main topics of ITMF-2015

  • Anti-crisis Approaches to IT Management
  • ITSM: Ensuring IT Management Flexibility and Efficiency
  • Strategic Approach to IT Management
  • Assessing Effectiveness of ITSM Processes
  • ITSM: Industry Experience
  • ITSM Without IT: Universal Service Management
  • Managing the Cloud, Managing From the Cloud
  • A Management Perspective on BYOD

As always, the Forum will include a plenary part and thematic sections. The Forum’s keynotes will focus on the experience of companies from various industries implementing IT service management processes while market experts will offer their anti-crisis and strategic IT management approaches for discussion.
The current economic situation raises many questions that do not have decisive answers yet. Therefore, the Forum’s organizers specifically plan to arrange discussions focused on the IT service management issues that are of a top priority with respect to current Russian and world economic development conditions. Building upon the success of the previous forums, there are also plans to hold master classes and interactive workshops conducted by Russian and foreign experts and companies leading in the IT management market.
Today, the progress of business initiatives largely depends on the efficient IT operations while ITSM approaches are successfully used not only in IT, but also in other corporate service departments. With that in mind, the organizers hope that participating in ITMF 2015 will be of interest to a wide range of business managers. In addition, the Forum as always welcomes CIOs, IT VPs, automation department managers, service managers, lead service desk analysts, tech support managers, as well as other managers involved in strategic IT objectives identification and implementation in IT operations at businesses of various sizes and specialties.

The organizers expect that the Forum will be attended by 300 to 350 participants.

Olga Purkina, kon@osp.ru
(495) 725-47-80