Data Cloud World Forum

Data Cloud World Forum

All about modern solutions for data storage, processing, and consumption

Today, with markets unpredictably changing as total digitalization and the move to a service economy are just around the corner, the significance of effective, flexible, and efficient IT solutions is growing. At the same time, the growth of data being stored and transferred is rapidly accelerating, as is the number and diversity of connected devices. All of this will require new technologies and models for the use of information as a principal business asset.

Data Cloud World Forum is focused on discussing current technological and economic issues related to data storage, processing, and consumption, as well as on sharing experiences and best practices of deploying modern IT platforms and delivering ICT services using cloud model.

The main topics of the Forum are:

  • Software-Defined IT Infrastructure
  • Modern Data Storage Systems
  • Cloud Platform: Integrated Solutions vs. “DIY”
  • ICT Services Delivered from the Cloud
  • Hybrid Clouds. Implementing and Meeting Service-Level Agreements
  • ing a Platform for Cloud Hosting. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Security, Including in the Cloud
  • Complying with the Personal Data Law; Data Repatriation

The Forum will include: a multi-session conference, a trade show, panel discussions, round tables, one-on-one meetings.

The Forum welcomes: company executives, CIOs, CTOs, lead specialists.