Russian Networking Forum. RUS.Net

Russian Networking Forum. RUS.Net

Moscow, November 22, 2016

Russian Networking Forum (RUS.Net)  – the main event in Russia for professionals in networking, where they can discuss actual business, operation and technology issues on networking market. The forum hosts conference, exhibition, discussion clubs and business meetings to promote best practices in designing, building and operating modern enterprise networks.

The team behind RUS.Net has had more than ten years of experience in organizing Ethernet Forum and Networking Infrastructure Forum.

The key topics of Russian Networking Forum are

  • Modern networks as a basis for Intelligent Enterprise and Digital Economy
  • Networking solutions for cloud services
  • Advantages of SDN and Open Networking for Russian customers
  • Wireless networks and Mobiity

Main Session

Ether.Net (Ethernet Forum)

  • Ethernet in Development: 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G…
  • Ethernet for Data Centers and Cloud. InterDC Solutions
  • Ethernet for multimedia (AV)
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure

Open.Net (Open Networks, SDN)

  • SDN and SDN+. Architecture, Solutions, Implementation
  • Network Virtualization and Network Functions (NFV)
  • Switch desaggregation, white boxes, bare metal and third-party OS
  • Open Source Networking Solutions. OpenDayLight, ONOS, etc.

IoT.Net (IoT Infrastructure)

  • New networking technologies and solutions for IoT
  • Industrial Ethernet. Networks in Production
  • Unified Building Infrastructure. Building Internet of Things (BIoT)
  • Networking solutions for Smart City

Secure. Net (Network Security)

  • Traffic coding and Russian cryptography, VPN
  • Protection from DDOS attacks
  • Perimeter defense and mobile access
  • Traffic analysis tools
  • Securing SDN and Open Networks

Contact for more inforamtion: Elena Chekalina, Project Leader,