The 6th Russian BIG DATA 2017 Forum

The 6th Russian BIG DATA 2017 Forum

Moscow, March 29, 2017

InfoSpace Event Hall

Open Systems Publications and OSP-Con Corporate Communications Agency would like to invite you to The 6th Russian BIG DATA Forum, the country’s flagship industry event for discussing experiences, challenges and achievements of organizations building their business upon data.

Holding the forum for the 6th time now, we have been watching and discussing the formation stages of big data industry in Russia, from trying to interpret buzzwords to implementing first real-life initiatives, from peak of inflated expectations to the inevitable trough of disillusionment, accompanied nonetheless with a certain level of industry maturity.

So a new period is beginning, a very important one for the development of the industry. The business has already recognized the value of Big Data. We have learned to collect data, we know how to store it, we master big data analysis tools.

The key objective today is to learn to understand data while adopting new approaches and technologies enabling to operationalize the troves of this "new oil" of modern economy by turning the data into a key digital transformation driver to:

  • Build brand new business models
  • Increase profitability
  • Create “dream services” tailored to the needs of business and government customers.

Main topics of BIG DATA 2017:

- Business solutions and their practical use

  • The “algorithmic business”: the use of big data and analytics for decision making and business process optimization
  • Data as a foundation of digital transformation: industry experiences
  • From machine learning to artificial intelligence: a bright future or big headaches for business?
  • People analytics: big data in marketing and human capital management
  • Things and event analytics: the role of data in the Industry 4.0; the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Data at the service of government and society (projects for government agencies, healthcare, public utilities, social care, etc.)
  • Cloud environments and applications for big data and analytics

- Infrastructure and platforms for big data storage, processing, and analytics

The “big politics” of big data:

  • Big data industry in Russia: government regulation, services and solutions market, principles of cooperation between private and public sector
  • How to put your data in order so you can capitalize on it (data governance)
  • Big data security, big data for cybersecurity
  • The human factor: looking out for talent, addressing big data ethics issues

BIG DATA 2017 offers:

  • Plenary keynotes and thematic sessions
  • Panels and roundtable discussions
  • Workshops and master classes
  • Interactive solution show
  • Plenty of networking opportunities

The forum welcomes:

  • CEOs and business unit managers
  • CIOs
  • Data managers
  • Business analysts and data scientists

As always, BIG DATA Forum is expected to attract 350 to 400 participants.